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Breaking Bad film

After leaving the bar, Walt leaves New Hampshire in a Volvo, with Marty Robbins' track "El Paso" playing on the tape deck. He goes back to New Mexico as well as finds Gretchen and Elliott Schwartz (Jessica Hecht as well as Adam Godley) at their new house in Santa Fe, after impersonating a press reporter for The New york city Times. In order to circumvent the suspicions of the DEA as well as Skyler he buys them to offer his staying $9.72 million to Walt Jr., who will certainly acquire it after turning eighteen, claiming this is their opportunity to "make things best". The Schwartzes believe there are snipers waiting outside, and also after Walt informs them they'll constantly be viewed to guarantee they maintain to his guidelines, they concur. After Walt leaves, he pays Badger Mayhew (Matt L. Jones) and also Skinny Pete (Charles Baker) for intending red laser reminders at the Schwartzes and also posing as gunman. Walt gains from Badger and Skinny Pete that Jack Welker's (Michael Bowen) gang has actually been cooking and also distributing blue meth as well as realizes Jesse (Aaron Paul) is still alive.

On his 52nd birthday, Walt purchases an M60 machine gun as well as fetches the ricin from his deserted home. He intercepts Todd (Jesse Plemons) and Lydia's (Laura Fraser) meeting at a coffee shop and makes a company proposal, supplying a brand-new formula for methylamine-free meth. Todd transforms him down, however Lydia feigns passion in order to entice Walt right into getting eliminated by Jack. The electronic camera reveals a close-up of Lydia mixing her stevia right into her chamomile tea, with the recommendation that it could be more than simply stevia. Later, Skyler (Anna Gunn) receives a call from Marie (Betsy Brandt), that informs her Walt is back in the area. Marie is unaware that Walt is already with Skyler. Walt leaves Skyler with the lottery ticket on which the coordinates of Hank (Dean Norris) as well as Steve's (Steven Michael Quezada) tombs are printed as well as encourages her to use it to bargain an appeal deal with the authorities. Walt tells Skyler his life as a medication authority was for himself rather than his household, mentioning that he did it because he enjoyed it, was good at it, and also it made him feel to life. Skyler permits Walt to see Holly one last time while she rests. After leaving, Walt enjoys from far away as Walter Jr. (RJ Mitte) gets back from school.

Walt meets with Jack and his men at their hideout, where Jesse is still carrying out servant labor for the gang in an adjacent Quonset hut. Jack rejects Walt's offer and also orders him eliminated. Walt diverts Jack's focus by implicating him of partnering with Jesse; Jack reacts by ordering that Jesse join them. Upon seeing Jesse, Walt tackles him and also utilizes his auto tricks to remote-fire the gatling gun (which he has attached to a pivoting turret rigged to the automobile trick's remote unlock switch) from his vehicle. Jack's guys are eliminated in the battery of shooting and also Jack and also Walt are injured. Todd and also Jesse are unscathed. As Todd looks gone in awe at the now-empty gatling gun pivoting in its turret, Jesse strangles and eliminates Todd with the chain connected to his handcuffs, and after that frees himself by taking a secret from Todd's pocket. Walt takes Jack's gun and eliminates him, despite Jack's insistence that Walt will never ever find the taken money if he does. Walt offers the weapon to Jesse and asks Jesse to eliminate him. Jesse notifications Walt's injury as well as declines, informing Walt to eliminate himself. As Jesse and also Walt leave Jack's home, Walt responds to a call on Todd's phone from a noticeably ill Lydia. He educates her that her company works are dead and asks if she's feeling a little unhealthy, revealing that he had actually earlier put ricin in her stevia at the coffee shop. Jesse and also Walt, exchange a goodbye glimpse before Jesse leaves. Jesse gets away in Todd's El Camino, weeping with delight.
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Walt goes into the lab as well as smiles nostalgically as he admires the equipment, holding a gas mask and also scrubing a kettle. His fingers leave a bloody path on the pot as he droppeds to the flooring, with Badfinger's "Infant Blue" playing behind-the-scenes. The video camera gradually increases over the scene as Walt dies from his injury and the police rush in with guns drawn to examine the pulse of his motionless body.

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