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Girls und Panzer der Film 2015

The film starts throughout of the commemorative suit for Ōarai Girls High School's triumph in the 63rd sensha-dō competition. In the occasion, the joint group of Ōarai and Chihatan Academy is defeated by St. Gloriana as well as Pravda's team, greatly because of the reckless actions of the Chihatan group. After returning to the Ōarai's institution provider, Anzu informs the group that in spite of them winning the tournament, the Ministry of Education and learning will certainly not honor their guarantee to maintain the school open, claiming that it was just a spoken agreement with no legal standing. The institution ship is then taken for deactivating however with aid from Saunders, the sensha-dō team take care of to keep their storage tanks.

Time later at Anzu's prompting, Ami Chouno brings the matter to Maho and also Miho's mother Shiho Nishizumi, who recognizes that Kuromorimine won't have the ability to have a rematch against Ōarai should it fold, and also helps Anzu encourage the Ministry to solve the impasse by threatening to pull Kuromorimine from the upcoming Globe Competition. The Ministry agrees to hold a match between Ōarai and also an university sensha-dō group, this time around with a composed contract to guarantee that Ōarai will certainly not be closed must their group win. However, the policies put Ōarai's team at a great drawback, as they should encounter a team comprised of pick university students led by child prodigy Alice Shimada, fielding thirty containers to Ōarai's eight, held making use of removal policies, requiring the winning group to eliminate every opponent container.
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Regardless of the odds stacked against them, Ōarai's group attend the suit, however before it begins, much to their shock, pupils from Saunders, Kuromorimine, Anzio, St. Gloriana, Pravda, Chihatan and Keizoku Senior high school appear and also benefit from a technicality in the arrangement to sign up with as temporary Ōarai transfer trainees, night out the group's numbers. The match begins with the university team taking the benefit by their remarkable firepower and ability, compeling Ōarai to retreat to a deserted theme park even after destroying the university's Karl-Gerät siege container, however Ōarai take advantage of the park's tourist attractions to puzzle and also assail the college team's storage tanks, turning the trend to their support.

Nonetheless, Alice signs up with the fight directly and also starts defeating numerous Ōarai tanks one by one, leveling the field again. In a final face-off, Miho as well as Maho challenge Alice in a heated fight which finishes with both siblings making a synergy to defeat her and seal Ōarai's success. Throughout the credit ratings, all the girls are seen taking a trip back to their respective colleges as well as the Ōarai group discovers their college provider returned and also waiting at the port for them.

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