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The Emperor's New Groove anime

Kuzco is a young Inca emperor who is disrespectful and narcissistic. He insults the looks of possible new brides as well as tosses a senior guy gone for "throwing off his groove." Eventually, after Kuzco terminates his conniving advisor, Yzma, for abusing her electrical power she develops a scheme to take the throne with the help of Kronk, her dim-witted yet jovial henchman. On the other hand, Kuzco meets Pacha, a kind peasant as well as village leader, and informs him that he intends to destroy his hilltop household house to develop himself a lush summertime house called "Kuzcotopia". Pacha demonstrations, but is disregarded.

During dinner, Yzma and also Kronk effort to poison Kuzco, but wind up offering him the wrong potion and also accidentally transforms him into a llama. After knocking Kuzco out, Yzma orders Kronk to kill him and also conceal the body, however Kronk has a stroke of principles as well as saves him. Nonetheless, he mistakenly leaves him in the back of Pacha's cart as Pacha leaves the city. Pacha returns house however does not inform his expectant spouse or youngsters regarding Kuzco's choice. After awakening in the cart, Kuzco exposes himself as a llama and orders Pacha to take him back to the royal residence, however Pacha will only do so if Kuzco agrees to save his family's home. Kuzco haughtily sets off right into the jungle alone, before being assailed by jaguars. Pacha rescues him and also the two make their plan about going to the palace.
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On the other hand, Yzma takes the throne, yet Kronk after that reveals that he shed Kuzco. The two then set off to discover him. Pacha and Kuzco are nearly back to the royal residence when Pacha fails a bridge and Kuzco chooses not to help him up, confessing he never meant to maintain his promise. Nevertheless, he soon locates himself at risk too, and they interact to save both their lives. Without the bridge their trip is delayed, offering Pacha really hope that Kuzco will certainly change his mind. Kronk and also Yzma quit at a jungle restaurant at the exact same time Kuzco as well as Pacha exist disguised as a married couple. Neither event realizes the other exists up until Pacha hears Yzma as well as Kronk discussing trying to eliminate Kuzco. However, Pacha is not able to convince Kuzco of their strategies. Kuzco then hears Yzma's plot to eliminate him, however when he attempts to return to Pacha, he finds that he has already left as well as is not able to locate him.

Kuzco is soon reunited with Pacha, as well as they enlist the assistance of Pacha's family to keep Yzma and also Kronk inhabited while they escape. The race to the palace seems to finish with Yzma as well as Kronk falling off a high cliff, but they still inexplicably get to the palace initially. Yzma orders Kronk to kill Pacha as well as Kuzco, but Kronk enters a conversation with his shoulder angel as well as adversary, as well as locates he could not bring himself to commit murder, which leads Yzma to disrespect Kronk and also his food preparation and resign to do it herself. Yzma calls the guards that do not acknowledge Kuzco and also assault both of them, while Pacha and Kuzco retreat with all the potions in hopes that they'll locate the one that will turn Kuzco back.

After numerous guards are changed into pets while testing potions and also Yzma is transformed into a kitten, Pacha as well as Kuzco interact to try and also obtain the last vial. Yzma steals it, however is inadvertently defeated by Kronk. Currently a human again, as well as a much more selfless ruler, Kuzco determines to develop his summer residence in other places, as well as Pacha recommends a bordering hill. In the end, Kuzco is revealed living beside Pacha's family members in a modest cabin, sharing a swimming pool with Pacha and also his family members. Yzma, still a kitty, reluctantly signs up with Kronk's Junior Chipmunk army, along with Pacha's youngsters.

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