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The tale is set in 1959 and is informed with just a few short snatches of discussion, much of it in Gaelic. A down-on-his-luck illusionist (understood by his name, "Tatischeff") sees his appeal and also employment in Paris run out. He packs his meager items and props, including a moody white rabbit, as well as transfers to London. There he locates himself as the irrelevant act adhering to a prominent rock band. Regardless of his damaged satisfaction, he embraces a nothing-to-lose attitude and also continues layering his trade at yet smaller sized celebrations in bars, cafés, as well as exclusive events.

He approves the invite of an inebriated event patron, taking a long, slow quest to a remote Scottish island (Iona in the Inner Hebrides). The small village's club has actually just recently been wired for electrical energy, and also he and his bunny are valued temporarily. Living decently in a space over the pub, the illusionist comes across a young girl named Alice that is captivated by his transcendent capabilities and kind motions, including a present of brand-new red shoes. Competition from more modern forms of entertainment adhere to the illusionist even to this idyll, and he soon moves on.
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Alice believes the downtrodden performer has real superordinary powers, and also follows him to Edinburgh, where he performs at a modest, out-of-the-way movie theater. They schedule a space in a rundown guest home preferred by other fading entertainers (a trio of acrobats, a clown, and a ventriloquist). The illusionist rests on a tiny sofa and also the lady keeps active by cleansing and also cooking food that she shares with the neighbors. The lady's affections also tame the rabbit, but the illusionist's increasingly meager wages, showered on a series of presents for Alice, lead him to pawn off his magic package and covertly handle more undermining works. The various other standard entertainers become likewise depressed as well as destitute.

Not able to muster the courage to inform his starry-eyed admirer the truth about his fading profession, the illusionist continues providing till he has nothing even more to offer. Alice at the same time uncovers the love of a good-looking young man, and once he sees them strolling together, the illusionist opts to leave her with money as well as go on. His last message is a letter that says "Magicians do not exist." Alice subsequently moves in with her brand-new sweetheart. The illusionist launches the rabbit on the green hill of Arthur's Seat, where many various other rabbits are seen. He is last seen on a train, where he declines one final opportunity to perform a magic method for a child by returning a brief pencil that the kid has dropped, yet not replacing it with a similar, yet much longer, pencil of his very own.

The illusionist looks longingly at an image throughout the film, though it is never ever revealed to the audience during the movie. At the end of the movie, an image shows up devoting the movie to author Tati's own daughter. During the last train trip, the illusionist looks at the picture for a last time, as well as his hand drops down where the photo can be vaguely seen, specifically in the Blu-ray release. It is evidently the very same photo of Tati's little girl seen at the end of the movie.

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