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Brendan, a young, curious, and also radical kid living in the tightly weaved community at the Monastery of Kells, is under the strict care of his demanding uncle, Abbot Cellach. Cellach is stressed with creating a wall surface around the Abbey of Kells, in order to protect against Viking attacks.

Brendan is apprenticed in the scriptorium of the monastery. After listening to the various other monks of the monastery speak about Sibling Aidan, the maker of guide of Iona, Brendan wonders concerning the strange illuminator as well as "the book that transforms darkness into light" (the unfinished Book of Kells). Aidan arrives in Kells, alonged with his white pet cat, Pangur Bán, after his own abbey is damaged by a raid. After eavesdropping on a discussion between Cellach as well as Aidan, Brendan wanders to the scriptorium, where he finds the still-to-be-completed publication. Pangur Bán guards the book, but when the feline sees that Brendan implies no injury to guide, she accepts him. Aidan shows up and informs Brendan regarding guide.

Seeing Brendan as an ideal pupil, Aidan sends Brendan, with Pangur Bán for business, into the woods to obtain gall nuts to make ink for the illumination of guide. However, Brendan is cornered by a starving pack of wolves. He is saved by Aisling, the forest spirit initially of the movie. Although at first suspicious of Brendan's visibility, Aisling slowly pertains to accept him after he reveals his intentions of helping to develop the book.

After a short yet scary close encounter with Crom Cruach, a divine being of death and destruction, of whom Aisling is deeply terrified, Brendan and Aisling return to the borders of the forest. She guarantees Brendan that he can return and also go to anytime he desires.

After his return residence, Brendan is reprimanded by Cellach, that prohibits him to leave the monastery again. Nevertheless, Brendan remains to deal with Aidan. Brendan discovers that Aidan's work is jeopardized by the loss of the Eye of Colm Cille, a special magnifying lens caught from Crom Cruach. When Brendan aims to entrust to go to Crom's cave to get one more Eye, he is constrained to his room by Cellach.

Pangur Bán and also Aisling established Brendan totally free. After running into the heart of the timbers, Brendan tells Aisling of his objective. A stunned Aisling asks him not to challenge the dark divine being, alerting that Crom Cruach will eliminate him equally as it eliminated the rest of her people. But Brendan convinces Aisling to aid him, by stating that if he does not get the Eye, guide will never be finished. Convinced, Aisling assists Brendan go into Crom's cave, almost obtaining eliminated at the same time. Brendan duels with Crom and takes the Eye, blinding Crom as well as creating the dark deity to consume itself. Upon returning to the cavern entrance, Brendan locates the forest covered in white flowers.
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Brendan returns to the abbey as well as continuouslies helps Aidan in secret. The siblings of the abbey excitedly view the two produce the book. In a fit of irritation, Cellach locks Brendan as well as Aidan in the scriptorium, yet not prior to removing a page that Brendan had produced for guide. Quickly afterwards, the Vikings attack Kells, and Cellach sees in scary as they breach the wooden gateway. Brendan as well as Aidan handle to run away by using smoke from the gall berry ink, puzzling the raiders when they rupture into the scriptorium.

Cellach is stabbed by a Viking raider; Brendan is dragged away by the frantic Aidan, that informs him that there is absolutely nothing that he could do. After they leave, Cellach, having actually survived the assault, sees the burning remains of the scriptorium. Assuming that his nephew has actually perished, Cellach falls into a deep misery.

While going through the timbers, Brendan as well as Aidan are confronted by the raiders, as well as the Viking leader takes guide's bejeweled cover and scatters the web pages. Before 2 Viking raiders can kill Brendan and also Aidan, Aisling's black wolves attack the Vikings, saving the two refugees. Brendan as well as Aidan collect the web pages and also leave. Cellach and also the staying villagers take haven in the monastery.

Brendan and Aidan travel throughout Ireland, and also, after years, finish the book. Aidan, after turning over guide to Brendan, dies. The now-adult Brendan returns to Kells with Pangur Bán, assisted by Aisling (in wolf type). The guilt-ridden Cellach is nearing death. Brendan and the abbot gladly reunite, and also Brendan displays the full Book of Kells to his uncle. The film closes with an animation performance of some of the brightened web pages of guide.

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