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A Christmar Carol in Prose, Being a Ghost-Story of Xmas, [1] commonly referred to as A Christmas Carol, is a novella by Charles Dickens, initial released in London by Chapman & Hall on 19 December 1843. [2] The novella met with immediate success and also crucial recognition. A Christmas Carol tells the tale of a bitter old miser named Ebenezer Skinflint and also his transformation into a gentler, kindlier man after visitations by the ghost of his former business partner Jacob Marley and the Ghosts of Xmas Past, Existing and Yet ahead.

Guide was written at once when the British were checking out as well as checking out Xmas traditions from the past in addition to new customs such as Christmas cards as well as Christmas trees. Carol singing took a new lease on life throughout this time. [3] Dickens's sources for the story appear to be numerous and also differed, however are, primarily, the humiliating experiences of his childhood years, his sympathy for the poor, as well as different Christmas stories and fairy tales. [4] [5] [6]
A Xmas Carol remains popular-- having actually never been out of print [6]-- and has been adapted often times to film, stage, opera, as well as various other media.
Dickens was not the primary author to commemorate the Christmas period in literary works, [4] however it was he that superimposed his altruistic vision of the vacation upon the general public, a concept that has been termed as Dickens's "Carol Approach". [7] Dickens believed the very best means to reach the broadest sector of the populace concerning his issues concerning poverty as well as social injustice was to create a deeply felt Xmas tale as opposed to belligerent handouts as well as essays. [8] [9] Dickens's profession as a best-selling author was on the wane, as well as the writer felt he should create a tale that would confirm both rewarding and also prominent. Dickens's visit to the work-worn commercial city of Manchester was the "trigger" that discharged the author to generate a tale regarding the inadequate, a repentant penny pincher, and also redemption that would come to be A Christmas Carol. [10]
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The forces that inspired Dickens to develop an effective, excellent and long-lasting tale were the profoundly embarrassing encounters of his youth, the plight of the bad and their children throughout the boom decades of the 1830s and also 1840s, and also Washington Irving's essays on old English Xmas traditions released in his Lay out Publication (1820); [11] as well as fairytale as well as baby room stories, along with satirical essays as well as spiritual systems
While Dickens' humiliating childhood years encounters are not directly described in A Xmas Carol, his contradictory sensations for his daddy as a result of those encounters are mainly responsible for the twin character of the tale's lead character, Ebenezer Penny pincher. In 1824, Dickens's father, John, was locked up in the Marshalsea whilst 12-year-old Charles was forced to take lodgings nearby, pawn his collection of publications, leave school and approve employment in a blacking manufacturing facility. [4] [12]
The kid had a deep sense of class as well as intellectual superiority and was totally uneasy in the presence of factory workers that described him as "the young gent". As an outcome of this therapy, he established nervous fits. When his dad was released at the end of a three-month stint, young Dickens was compelled to continue operating in the manufacturing facility, which only grieved and degraded him even more. He despaired of ever before recovering his previous satisfied life. [4] [12]
The dreadful influence of the period injured him emotionally, coloured his work, and also haunted his entire life with troubling memories. Dickens both enjoyed and also demonised his papa, as well as it was this mental conflict that was accountable for both significantly various Scrooges in the tale-- one Cheapskate, a cold, stingy as well as greedy semi-recluse, and also the other Penny pincher, a good-hearted, sociable guy, whose kindness as well as goodwill toward all men earn for him a near-saintly reputation. [13] It was during this terrible period in Dickens's childhood years that he noted the lives of the males, women, as well as kids in the most poverty-stricken areas of London as well as saw the social oppressions they endured
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