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Journey to the West: Overcoming the Demons [1] [4] (Chinese: 西遊 · 降魔篇) is a 2013 fantasy funny film co-written, generated, and directed by Stephen Chow. The movie wased initially revealed in July 2011 as well as was released on February 10, 2013 in China. [1] The movie is a loose funny re-interpretation of the unique Quest to the West, a Chinese literary classic commonly believed to be written by Wu Cheng' en. A sequel, Trip to the West: Conquering the Demons 2, is presently shooting and also is scheduled for release in 2017
The flick happens before Flavor Sanzang got his disciples and also embarked on the Journey to the West.

A riverside village is terrified by a strange undersea animal. A Taoist priest eliminates a gigantic manta ray as well as insists that it is the satanic force. Sanzang, a self-proclaimed satanic force seeker, appears to advise the citizens that the pet is not the true devil. The villagers neglect him as well as, at the clergyman's provocation, strings him up. The demon reemerges and kills many of citizens. Sanzang frees himself as well as, together with the survivors, manages to beach the creature, which turns into a guy. Sanzang after that opens up a publication of nursery rhymes and also starts vocal singing to the demon. Irritated, the devil strikes Sanzang. An additional satanic force hunter, Duan catches as well as transforms the devil into a puppet. Sanzang determines to Duan that his master instructed him a humanist technique and to make use of nursery rhymes to coax goodness from devils, a technique Duan belittles. Disillusioned, Sanzang satisfies his master and complains his lack of capacities compared to much more aggressive demon-hunters. His master reaffirms his humanist viewpoint sends out Sanzang off once again to discover "enlightenment.".
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A couple gets in an empty dining establishment but the cook exposes himself to be a porker demon as well as eliminates them. Sanzang concerns the same dining establishment, this time evidently loaded with individuals. Sanzang sees through the illusion and identifies them as reanimated corpses of the victims, as well as the demon's nine-toothed rake. Duan bursts right into the dining establishment and damages all the corpses, as well as strikes the porker demon. She captures the demon in her magic bag to transform it right into a puppet, however it bursts out of the bag and also transforms right into a significant boar, collapsing the structure. Sanzang as well as Duan resort. Duan then establishes a strong limerence towards Sanzang after being excited by his selfless suitables. She reveals her sensations, however Sanzang flees, not wanting to manage romantic love in his quest for paradise.

Sanzang's master recommends him to tame the Monkey Master demon Sunlight Wukong (entraped by Buddha) to control the pig satanic force. That evening, he is captured by a gang that had actually additionally controlled Duan. It is later revealed to be a tactic managed by Duan to trick Sanzang right into having sex with her. After Sanzang declines her once more, she has him put behind bars. The pig devil reappears and wounds Duan however is chased after off by a triad of equaling demon-hunters. Duan views Sanzang's problem for her injuries as a charming attraction. After Sanzang refuses her breakthroughs once more, she damages his book of nursery rhymes and also he leaves.

After days of traveling, Sanzang lastly discovers a cavern under a lotus garden, where Monkey King was caught in for 500 years. Ape King informs Sanzang to use a professional dancer to lure the demon. Duan shows up and volunteers to dance. The porker devil shows up Monkey King quickly subdues it, enabling Duan to turn it right into a puppet. Duan then gives both the fish and porker creatures to Sanzang and supplies her gold ringed tool as an engagement band, but he rejects her once again. She leaves after returning his baby room rhyme book, which she had actually pieced back together, although randomly as she is illiterate.
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