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Homefront is a 2013 American action thriller movie routed by Gary Fleder and launched nationwide in movie theaters on November 27. [3] Based on Chuck Logan's story of the very same name and also adapted into a movie script by Sylvester Stallone, the movie stars Jason Statham, James Franco, Winona Ryder, and Kate Bosworth. Filming began on October 1, 2012 in New Orleans.
Two years after the raids of a gang's meth lab where his cover was faultied, former DEA Representative Phil Broker (Jason Statham) as well as his little girl Maddy (Izabela Vidovic) have actually moved to a small Louisiana community where Maddy's deceased mother grew up. Maddy gets involved in a schoolyard battle with a bully named Teddy Klum; when Broker involves the school, Teddy's aggressive papa, Jimmy (Marcus Hester), selects a battle with him as well as loses. Cassie Klum (Kate Bosworth) later asks her brother, a dope dealer named Gator Bodine (James Franco), to scare Broker.

Broker combat a few of Gator's punks at a gasoline station when they intimidate him. While he and also Maddy later go horseback riding, Gator get into their residence. He reasons from old workers submits that Broker was the covert police officer in charge of the apprehension of Danny T (Chuck Zito) in the raid 2 years earlier. Wishing to obtain a wider distribution for the medicines he makes, Gator tips off Danny T, who sends members of his gang to kill Broker.
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Broker discovers Gator's meth laboratory as well as sabotages it. He is captured as well as hurt by the same ruffians he battled previously, however manages to combat them off and retreat. As he as well as Maddy are preparing to leave, the gang participants get there. In the scuffle, Broker handles to kill the majority of the gang participants and also Maddy is abducted, however not prior to she calls the cops. She utilizes her cell phone to call her papa as well as, from her summaries, Broker recognizes that she has actually been required to Gator's meth laboratory.

Cassie comes to Gator's storehouse with information of the gunfight. When she discovers Maddy there, she inadvertently sets off the booby trap that Broker has established. The lab as well as much of the stockroom take off, and Gator sees his company rise in fires. A scuffle ensues and Gator shoots Cassie prior to fleeing with Maddy in his truck. Broker chases him in a police car up until they locate themselves stuck on a bridge closed off by the constable. Broker attacks Gator severely, stopping short of firing him in front of the police when he notices his child viewing.

Gator is detained and also Broker later on visits Danny T behind bars, allowing him know that he will be about when Danny T is at some point released.
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