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Why Did I Get Married Too? Film Why Did I Get Married Too? Movie Why Did I Get Married Too? Flick Why Did I Get Married Too? Nice Why Did I Get Married Too? Characters

Why Did I Get Married Too? is a 2010 American comedy-drama film generated by Lionsgate and Tyler Perry Studios and celebrities Janet Jackson, Tyler Perry, and also Tasha Smith. It is the follow up to Why Did I Get Married? (2007), [2] The film shares the communications of four couples who take on a week-long retreat to improve their partnerships.
The 4 couples prepare for their following marital relationship resort in the Bahamas. Sheila and also her new other half, Troy, are the very first to get there, adhered to (in order) by Patricia and also Gavin, Terry as well as Dianne, as well as Angela and Marcus. The guys and also the women separate to discuss the excellent and bad regarding their marriages. In a surprising spin, Sheila's ex-husband, Mike, shows up, and also Angela quickly begins a fight up until he leaves the women alone to go see the guys.

That night, he discusses his and Sheila's partnership, which angers Troy. Dianne unintentionally calls Terry "Phil" throughout conversation. Angela is insistent concerning obtaining the password to Marcus' mobile phone because she mistrusts him, however Marcus distracts her making use of sex. Dianne as well as Terry listen to suggesting later as well as think it's Angela as well as Marcus, however it turns out to be Patricia and Gavin. When Dianne visits explore, she finds Patricia yet can not obtain her to tell her what's wrong. The next early morning, Sheila makes it clear that, though Mike states he misses her, she is entirely over him. At the beach, the women meet a senior couple that have actually accidentally thrown a pal's ashes on Angela. Sheila welcomes them to supper as well as they accept. At the "Why Did I Get Married?" ceremony, Patricia reveals to the team that she as well as Gavin are getting a divorce, triggering a troubled and also irate Gavin to leave her, due to the fact that he did unknown she was visiting announce it to them.
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Back in Atlanta, Gavin and his legal representative fulfill Patricia with her lawyer, Dianne. Patricia and also Gavin have actually determined to divide every little thing down the middle in the settlement, however Gavin reveals that Patricia has actually not provided the account including her $850,000 publication income. Patricia refuses to give Gavin any one of her book cash, but as she leaves, Gavin advises Dianne to inform Patricia to "get ready for a battle", as he means to get half of that account also. Meanwhile, Angela's neighbor determines her she's been hearing sex-related sounds from the house when Angela is not home. Angela thinks Marcus is cheating as well as challenges him live on his television show, that then offers her his mobile phone as well as password. Gavin gets back quite intoxicated and also confronts Patricia. He takes their son's infant photos as well as put-downs her about her perceived lack of emotions, also about their separation as well as their son's death, and after that attacks her, douses her in vodka, then sheds the pictures.

In other places, at Sheila's request, Mike consents to assist locate Troy a job. Angela lectures Dianne and Sheila concerning exactly how all guys cheat. Patricia alters the locks as well as captures Gavin, Terry, as well as Marcus relocating Gavin's points out, then learns Gavin has actually taken all their cash, including her book money; angered, Patricia trashes your home with his golf clubs. Angela gets back early to capture Marcus cheating as well as finds a couple in her bed, but after soaring the space, she notifications it was just the garden enthusiast and also the housemaid making love. Terry lastly challenges Dianne about her extramarital relations; she discloses that she has actually been having a psychological event and also asks for mercy. Marcus as well as Angela fight, after that fix up, however just to overcome again after Angela uncovers Marcus has another phone. Troy reaches Mike's apartment after figuring out Mike obtained him his authorities job. After locating Sheila there, he madly assaults Mike. Sheila tearfully confesses that she has actually been taking Mike to chemotherapy; she attempts to excuse being dishonest, but he leaves her.
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