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The Words is a 2012 secret charming dramatization film, created as well as directed by Brian Klugman as well as Lee Sternthal in their directorial launching. It stars Bradley Cooper, Zoe Saldana, Olivia Wilde, Jeremy Irons, Ben Barnes, Dennis Quaid, and also Nora Arnezeder.
Clayton Hammond (Dennis Quaid) participates in a public reading of his new publication, The Words. Clayton starts reading from his publication which focuses on a fictional character identifieded as Rory Jansen (Bradley Cooper), an aspiring author that stays in New york city City with his girlfriend, Dora (Zoe Saldana). Rory obtains some money from his father (J. K. Simmons), gets a work as a mail supervisor at a literary company as well as tries to sell his initial book, which is continuously denied by publishers.

After living together for some time, Rory and also Dora marry and, throughout their honeymoon in Paris, Dora purchases Rory an old brief-case from an antiques store he was admiring. After going back to America and having his book denied again, Rory finds an old but genuinely written composition in the brief-case with a protagonist called Jack. Rory types the composition right into his laptop computer. Later on, while utilizing the laptop, Dora discovers the novel and reviews it. She wrongly thinks that Rory wrote the novel and persuades him to offer it to a publisher at the workplace, Joseph Cutler (Željko Ivanek) as his own. After a few months Joseph finally reads the manuscript as well as offers Rory a contract which he accepts. Guide is a favorite as well as Rory arrives.
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At this point, Hammond pauses from the reading and goes backstage, where he is presented by his representative (John Hannah) to Daniella (Olivia Wilde), a student and also amateur author who will need to interview him as well as notes that he is divided from his other half, although he still puts on a wedding event ring. Hammond accepts to fulfill her after the event and also go back to the phase, where he continues to check out the book.

The second component of the reading details Rory's experience with "The Old Guy" (Jeremy Irons) in New york city City's Central Park, who discloses himself as the true writer of the manuscript and that it was based upon his life in Paris. He explains that he was a young man (Ben Barnes) when first posted in France by the UNITED STATE Military in the final days of The second world war, where he fell for Celia (Nora Arnezeder), a French waitress. They eventually married and had a daughter, but the baby died soon after birth. Unable to handle the loss, Celia left him as well as moved to her parents' residence. He then utilized his discomfort as inspiration to write the manuscript, which he required to Celia while seeing her at her parents' residence. She located the story so relocating that she preferred to go back to him. Nevertheless, she inadvertently left the composition in a brief-case on the train after her journey back to Paris, thereby losing it. As a result of the loss of the composition, their settlement was temporary, and they divorced soon later on.
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