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Over the Hedge is a 2006 American computer-animated funny movie, based upon the characters from the United Media cartoon of the same name. Directed by Tim Johnson as well as Karey Kirkpatrick, and also produced by Bonnie Arnold, it was launched in the USA on May 19, 2006. The film was created by DreamWorks Animation and also dispersed via Paramount Photo. The film showcases the voices of Bruce Willis, Garry Shandling, Steve Carell, William Shatner, Wanda Sykes, as well as Nick Nolte. It is the first DreamWorks Animation film to be dispersed by Paramount Photo,1 which obtained the live-action DreamWorks Workshop in 2006. [4] The movie gained $336 million on a $80 million spending plan.
While scavenging for food, RJ the raccoon enters the cave of Vincent the bear, his only pal that has a large wagon packed with human food taken from a nearby rest quit. RJ mistakenly wakes Vincent from his hibernation, and in a race to leave, causes the stash to roll out onto the surrounding freeway and also get run over. To stay clear of being eaten himself, RJ assures Vincent that he will totally change the stock within the week.

RJ heads towards a recently-built human rural housing growth in Indiana, bordered a woodland glade separated from the rest of the growth by a large hedge. There, he discovers a pack of animals recently woken up from their hibernation, led by Verne the turtle; the others consist of the squirrel Hammy, the skunk Stella, the porcupines Dime and Lou, in addition to their triplet boys, Spike, Bucky and Quillo, and also the opossum Ozzie and his daughter Heather. The animals are scared as the development had actually been build throughout their hibernation and also fear they won't have the ability to forage for food in the tiny glade, but RJ shows them the amount of food that humans take in and also waste. Verne is afraid however the other pets are awed by RJ's expertise as well as the taste of human food along with various other human extravagances. They make strong attempts to swipe food straight from the humans, with RJ secretly leading them to help collect the food he has to replace Vincent's stock.
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When the animals invade the trash bin of the property owner association chairman Gladys Sharp, she calls an animal exterminator Dwayne LaFontant, that provides to install an extremely dangerous trap called the Depelter Turbo, which is illegal in every state however Texas, in her yard. Verne sees this and also tries to caution the others, yet RJ urges they will be okay. Being afraid for the safety of the animal pack, Verne tries to return exactly what they stole; he as well as RJ get involved in an argument that winds up triggering a little rampage via the growth as well as ruining all of the stash RJ had actually picked up for Vincent. RJ rallies the others to rob Gladys' home directly on the evening before a huge event. With Stella camouflaged as a pet cat to sidetrack Gladys' very own pet cat, Tiger, the others get in Gladys' residence and also accumulate all the food. RJ unintentionally discloses his duplicity to the animals, just as they are uncovered by Gladys that calls Dwayne. RJ manages to leave with the food for Vincent yet leaves the various other pets to be trapped by Dwayne.
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