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Are We There Yet? Film Are We There Yet? Movie Are We There Yet? Flick Are We There Yet? Nice Are We There Yet? Characters

Are We There Yet? is a 2005 Canadian/American roadway family members funny film routed by Brian Levant as well as starring Ice. It was produced by Revolution Studios and distributed by Columbia Pictures. Despite being panned by critics, [1] the film grossed $98 million around the world as well as marketed 3.7 million DVDs.

The movie, while set in Rose city, Oregon, Vancouver, BC and also some others components of the Pacific Northwest, was mostly fired on place around Vancouver, including a sight of the Lions' Entrance Bridge, the financial area high-rises and also the midtown scene near the film's conclusion. A sequel, Are We Done Yet?, was released in 2007, [2] and also a television collection showcasing the movie's main characters premiered in 2010.
The film opens up on Xmas night in Portland, Oregon, where a guy appears outside of a decorated residence with blossoms. On his method to the door, nevertheless, he falls into a number of catches and is left a mess. The offender of these catches are disclosed to be a woman and also boy identifieded as Lindsey as well as Kevin Kingston (Aleisha Allen and Philip Daniel Bolden), whose mommy has actually separated their papa. Both are identified to maintain her solitary till the two reconcile.

The film then introduces Nick Persons (Ice), a 35-year-old child-hating bachelor/businessman, as he buys a costly SUV and also boasts with his cherished bobble-head of Pouch Paige (articulated by Tracy Morgan), who revives at its own will-- though just Nick can see/hear him. When he reaches his Great Sports Collectibles shop, he witnesses the female of his dreams, Suzanne Kingston (Nia Long). On his way to speak with her, however, he is disgusted to discover that she has 2 kids, Lindsey as well as Kevin. Later on that night, he faces her on his means home, requesting a leap beginning as her car had actually broken down. After receiving an electric shock, he consents to take her residence, as well as when there, accepts to carry her anywhere she needs to go. On New Year's Eve, he brings her to an airport to head to Vancouver for a business conference, yet her ex-husband phones call to state he's ill and also can not bring the kids to the airport terminal, leaving her to place her rely on Nick.
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Once at her house, he fulfills Kevin and Lindsey for the second time and also gives them "presents" (a pizza coupon for Lindsey and also a corkscrew for Kevin). They visit the airport, when Kevin unintentionally damages Nick's automobile door, where Nick is beaten after Kevin discovers that corkscrews are unlawful to cause airplanes and drops the item in Nick's coat pocket. They after that choose to make use of a train, where both children jump off the train to accumulate a missing out on item from Kevin's doll just as Nick boards. This leads to them losing their travel luggage. They then reluctantly choose to drive. Believing Nick is only a pal to their mother, the kids are subjugated, however still be mischievous as well as present to Nick little respect. At a vehicle quit, the two gain from one of Nick's pals that he not only hates the two, however existed about not having sensations about their mom. They then show much less restraint and cause trouble throughout the journey; hijacking Nick's car, harming Nick, signifying to common carrier Al Buck (M. C. Gainey) that they have actually been abducted by Nick (resulting in heavy damage to his automobile surprising Nick), as well as ultimately running away to see their daddy.

Once they arrive, nonetheless, they find out that their daddy has actually not only gone on, yet has made a new family with an infant whose age seems to outmatch their moms and dads divorce. Uncovering their dad's dishonesty as well as abandonment, they warm up to Nick, as he does with them, when he informs them that he, too, was abandoned by his father. Along the rest of the trip, the 3 still locate themselves in numerous accidents, however each problem only reinforces their relationship. Nevertheless, their bond is ultimately evaluated when Nick's navigator is fired as well as blows up. He madly criticizes the children yet cools down, renews it and asks forgiveness quickly later on
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