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The Flintstones is a 1994 American pal comedy movie routed by Brian Levant as well as written by Tom S. Parker, Jim Jennewein, as well as Steven E. de Souza. It is a live-action adjustment of the 1960s computer animated tv series of the same name. The film stars John Goodman as Fred Flintstone, Rick Moranis as Barney Debris, Elizabeth Perkins as Wilma Flintstone, and Rosie O'Donnell as Betty Debris, together with Kyle MacLachlan as a lawless executive-vice president of Fred's company, Halle Berry as his seductive assistant (called after a renowned starlet), and also Elizabeth Taylor (in her final theatrical movie appearance), as Pearl Slaghoople, Wilma's mommy. The B-52's (as The BC-52's in the movie) did their version of the cartoon's signature tune.

The film, fired in California at an estimated $46 million budget plan, was theatrically launched on Might 27, 1994, and also gained over $340 million worldwide, making it a significant ticket office success regardless of gaining generally adverse reviews from critics. Onlookers criticized the story as well as tone, which they considered also adult and also mature for family audiences, in addition to the spreading of O'Donnell as Betty and also Taylor as Pearl, yet praised its visual effects, outfit design, fine art direction, and also Goodman's performance as Fred.

The film additionally has some remarkable distinctions from the animation collection. In the film, Pebbles and also Bamm-Bamm are noticeably older as Pebbles can stroll rather than creeping, the pair are about kindergarten age as well as Pebbles can speak instead of babbling. Unlike the cartoon, Bamm-Bamm is embraced long after Pebbles is birthed as well as is more hostile than his animation equivalent. Barney is somewhat taller in the movie.
Slate as well as Co. Senior Exec Cliff Vandercave and also assistant Miss Sharon Stone review their plan to scam the service of its substantial lot of money and also take off, and that they need one of their staff members to be in charge of it. Fred Flintstone lendings his best friend and neighbor Barney Debris cash to ensure that he and his spouse Betty could adopt a kid named Bamm-Bamm, who could just pronounce his very own name. Although the youngster is initially challenging to control due to being increased by Mastadons, along with having extremely toughness, he eventually warms up to his brand-new household. Barney vows to settle his good friend, but Fred is gone to by his mother-in-law, Pearl Slaghoople, who challenge his choice. Nevertheless, Fred's other half Wilma continues to be supportive of his choice.

High cliff holds an ability examination, where the employee with the highest possible mark will certainly come to be the new Vice Head of state of the company. Barney obtains the highest possible score, however remembers his pledge and switches his paper with Fred, who he understands will certainly come a cropper. Fred gets the promotion, but his very first order is to disregard Barney, considering that Barney now successfully has the most affordable score. Fred accepts, yet does his ideal to help Barney sustain his family, even welcoming the Rubbles to live with them so that they could rent their home. Nonetheless, the benefits of Fred's new job placed a pressure on partnerships, as Wilma catches him in an intimate moment with Miss Stone, as well as the Debris are annoyed by Fred as well as Wilma's increasingly snooty behavior. Cliff at some point tricks Fred right into sacking the workers, over the arguments of his office Dictabird. At a local dining establishment Barney confronts Fred after seeing worker riots on the information exposing that he switched tests with Fred, and the Rubbles move, regardless of having nowhere to live. Wilma and Pebbles also leave to her mommy's house, leaving Fred behind.
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Fred goes to the quarry and recognizes his blunder as well as High cliff's story, however likewise figures out that Cliff has actually tricked Fred into assuming that he embezzled the money, Fred attempts to obtain Mr. Slate to discharge High cliff, yet High cliff calls the cops. A manhunt for Fred follows by the cops and the workers. Wilma and Betty see this on the news, and break into Slate as well as Co. to get the Dictabird, the only witness that could get rid of Fred. They are, however, unaware that Cliff saw them from his workplace window. As Fred tries to infiltrate a cave where the workers are seeking haven, they translucent his disguise and also attempt to hang him. Barney shows up, currently working as a snow cone supplier, and is almost hanged as well after he admits his part. Fred and Barney fix up, but before they can be hanged, Wilma and also Betty arrive with the Dictabird. The employees release Fred and also Barney after gaining from the Dictabird that High cliff had actually fired them to mount Fred.

Nonetheless, Cliff abducts Pebbles as well as Bamm-Bamm, leaving behind a ransom note requiring the Dictabird for the children's secure return. Fred as well as Barney experience Cliff at the quarry, where High cliff has actually connected Pebbles and also Bamm-Bamm to a big equipment. Though they hand him the Dictabird, Cliff turns on the device. Barney rescues the kids while Fred damages the machine. The Dictabird runs away from Cliff and also tempts him back to the quarry, where Miss Stone knocks him out, having had a change of mind after discovering that High cliff planned to unmask her. The authorities get there with Wilma and Betty as well as High cliff tries to get away, but a falling compound scares him.
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