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Griff the Invisible is a 2010 Australian charming comedy-drama film composed and directed by Leon Ford.

The story is about Griff (Ryan Kwanten) a socially awkward office worker who invests his days being bullied by his workmates. At night he is Griff the Unseen, a superhero that strolls the roads of his neighborhood neighbourhood, safeguarding the innocent. Griff has his world turned upside down when he satisfies Tune (Maeve Dermody), the beautiful young little girl of an equipment shopkeeper, who shares his enthusiasm for the impossible. The movie won the AACTA give for Finest Initial Screenplay.

Griff the Invisible had its opening night at the 2010 Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF), where it was well received by target markets "that appeared charmed by this unique story". [4] The film likewise screened at the 2011 Berlin International Movie Celebration in February 2011 in the "generation" sidebar [5] where it was well gotten by a mostly teenage crowd.
Griff is a socially awkward person who obtains bullied by co-worker Tony by day. At night he puts on the outfit of a superhero and also fights offenders. At times his sibling Tim, visits him. Someday Tim determines Griff regarding his girlfriend 'Melody' and brings her with him the following time he checks out. Melody is shown to be a girl who resides in a world of unreasonable ideas, who additionally isn't really comfortable with other people.

One day Griff gets a suggestion about becoming unseen and after some research, discovers himself doing experiments by purchasing points from Melody's papa's store. He makes himself a match and also wearing it, goes to his office however is captured on cam, not yet disclosing his face. Griff once more makes an invisibility cloak yet this time his employer sees his face on cam he gets fired from his work. That evening, Tony calls a neighborhood thug as well as defeats Griff in a street. He returns house to recover his match as well as authorities capture a bloodied Griff and later release him with a caution. Slowly Griff and also Melody autumn in love, and Tune attempts to encourage Griff in his job by presenting him with a 'Universal FIT' sent out anonymously. It emerges that the superhero, the hooligans he defeats and his invisibility are simply his imagination.
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Tim acquires this and asks Tune why she is motivating him, to which Melody responds Griff is an addict like her and they like living like that. Griff hears this and also recognizes the fact that everything is his imagination. He destroys the costume as well as all computer systems he was making use of in his fictional world.

He visits Melody's residence for supper where she understands Griff no more counts on his imaginary globe. Soon after that she comes to Griff's residence as well as informs him he was the only one who entered into her globe and that was the reason she enjoyed him, now, he also is acting like regular individuals, so she can not like him anymore. With saying that, she leaves his home and sobs leaning on his door. All of a sudden, she falls through the door (as she was seen trying earlier) and lands in Griff's room. Griff takes her into his arms and she utters, "You can think it." They share an enthusiastic kiss. Soon after, a plan falls through the mail port of Griff's door with Tune's name composed on it. Tim is after that revealed winning his brand-new girlfriend. Griff runs into his space to place on his unnoticeable fit, and Tune opens up the box. Inside is a note from Tim that states, "Make use of these to be the just one who could see Griff when he's invisible. So he does not need to use the hat." The gadget resembles a View-Master stereoscopic toy. Griff goes into undetected right into the space, when Melody holds up the gadget to her eyes, she could see him standing there again. They grin at each various other as the movie finishes.
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